Are residents responsible for setting up cable and power?
The apartments are already wired for cable; however, residents will be responsible for setting up their individual services. If necessary, our friendly staff will be available to assist.
Will residents have access to WI-FI?
We are equipped with WI-FI in all of our common areas as well as in our interactive, computer room.
Is water included in the cost of rent?
Yes, water is included.
Do the machines in the laundry room require coins or are they free to use?
The clothes care facilities will be coin-free and card activated. Residents will be issued cards for their initial use and add money to their cards as needed.
What is the pet policy?
There are no pets allowed unless they are medically necessary. A request for reasonable accommodation must be approved.
Is there security on premises?
The building has limited access to non-residents.
Is there a standard deposit or application fee?
The security deposit ranges from $150-$765 and will be dependent upon a credit worthiness assessment. There is a $35 application fee for the unassisted tax credit units.
Are there any restrictions on interior d├ęcor?
We use the AANC lease and ask that the resident do not modify their apartment home without prior written management consent and approval.